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Jacqueline Burke, Author – Writing Music

This morning, with the temperature outside being – 37 degrees, I decided to keep my warm pj’s on, bundle up on the couch, and go through my binders of writing projects I had from many years ago.

One binder, which stood out, had all my song lyrics in it – now that was a walk down memory lane.

20 years ago, I found myself working at a Radio Station as an Executive Assistant!  I will admit, it was probably the best job to harness my creativity; after all, I was surrounded by it all day long!

One day, I was having a great conversation with my boss, who I now refer to as my mentor.  We were talking about a certain presentation I was creating for his upcoming meeting, when he asked me about my own creative dreams.  What boss takes the time to ask their employee this question?  I was shocked and thrilled at the same time; he was taking interest in my creative mind.

As I began to describe my dreams with creativity, he said to me, “okay Jacqueline, you have 15 minutes.  Write as many songs as you can!  I’d love to see where your mind is at!”  At that moment, there wasn’t anything that could have happened that would have taken the smile off my face!

I wrote 8 songs in 15 minutes!  I know, hard to believe, but it happened!  It just poured out of me uncontrollably!  I will never forget the look on his face, when I ran into his office with tears in my eyes, as I presented him with these 8 songs!  Aside from the birth of my daughter, I never cried so much with Joy!  My creativity was being read, was being taken seriously, and was enjoyed!

In that split second, my mentor taught me just how important it is to get your creativity out!  Not only is it healing, but it is rejuvenating!  The light came on!  I continued writing!

Since that day, I make sure I write and write, even if it makes no sense at all; at least I’m getting all my thoughts out on paper.  A complete gift!

Here I am 20 years later, and I’ve reread all those song lyrics, and all I can hear is my mentor saying, “you have 15 minutes”.   In honor of my mentor, and in honor of the gift he gave me, I will be writing a new song.

The Title:  You Have 15 Minutes

Jacqueline Burke, Author – Writing Music!



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