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Jacqueline Burke, Author – I Have A Lot To Say!

I’ve always been a great listener; a quality I am proud of!  I’ve found over the years, I’ve been known for being that person to go to when someone needs to unload their thoughts without being judged.  Something I’m very proud of, but I’m also craving for my voice to be heard!  I have a lot to say!

I do not regret helping others in their time of need, and in fact I enjoy helping others.  I also want to help myself.  A reason for writing!

My mind is full of creative projects, which stem from all that I want to say and all I’ve ever wanted to say.  I pour my heart out in my writing, I solve all my problems in my writing, and I heal in my writing.  I have given myself the gift of communication in my writing and I will never regret following my dream of becoming a writer.  Writing has cleared my path to be able to express myself!

I have an endless amount of projects that will be released in the near future; some still need to age like a fine wine, but I’m comforted knowing they are still there gaining strength!

If you are struggling to be heard – WRITE!  Your heart can be heard if you do not have someone who will listen!  By writing all your thoughts down on paper, or by typing them into your laptop, you are unloading all you need to say.  Writing is an outlet to heal your mind.  There is no reason to continue to lock up all your thoughts in your mind; there is only so much storage space in there; release and feel the calming it will bring to your life.

I encourage everyone to dabble in writing your thoughts out, if anything, it is quite liberating to say all that you need to say!  Open that bottle and let it pour out!

Jacqueline Burke, Author – I Have A Lot To Say!

10 thoughts on “Jacqueline Burke, Author – I Have A Lot To Say!”

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    I repeat this to everyone what you said. And they get astonished as if I am telling them something from out of this space or universe. As if it never occurred to them or they think of writing as something where they’d waste a lot of time and nobody will read it. And since I am not selling them anything, hence I don’t insist or come up with many things that can possibly help them in other different ways beyond money.

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