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Jacqueline Burke, Author – Time To Make A Movie!

I’ll let you in on a little secret, from November 2019 to March 2020, I was working at bringing the In My Closet book series to the big screen!  I was taking my time, researching, networking with a wonderful film producer/director, and diving into my passion in film production.

Then, the latest in the World happened, so some projects were put on the back burner.  Until recently!!

I decided, when we are dealt a hand we have no control over and with no end date as of yet, there is no reason we cannot take a different approach with our projects, that not only respects the current social distancing, but also respects the need for us to do our part in this fight and “stay home”.   I’ve decided to take a more documentary/interview approach with the characters in my book series.  Creativity at its finest!  This will be an introduction to the characters while leaving you with suspense and excitement to see the actual films.  The build up!

It will take time, but I’m going to make sure this entire approach is a gift to my book series and the future production of this series.  I am checking out different Apps that work with my technology and I’m just going to give it my all!  While still having fun!

This is one of my dreams!  I look at all shows that are continuing from the homes of our most respected celebrities, so why can’t I make a movie with the same concept!  It’s worth a shot!

Jacqueline Burke, Author – Time To Make A Movie!

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