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Jacqueline Burke, Author – Inspiration

Where do you find your inspiration?  I find inspiration in watching the amazing individuals out there continuing to follow their dreams, no matter what is going on out there in the World, they keep plugging away.

We need to remind ourselves that life does not stop, even though we are staying in our homes.  We cannot stop pursuing our dreams, planning for the future, and going after what brings us happiness.

This is a New World we are living in, and we need to adjust our approach, our communication, and our mindset to thrive no matter what is handed to us!  We cannot give up!

I’m making sure I continue writing and working on all my projects!  Every single day!  Yes, some options have been taken from me, but they have been taken “for now”, not forever!  I’m going to make sure some of those options find their way back to me!  It may not be in the traditional way of accomplishing these projects, but I will make sure I rework these projects so they still have an opportunity to grow into the gift they were meant to be.

Please share where you are finding your inspiration; you just never know who you will be helping.  We need to stick together and encourage each other!

Communicate, reach out, and do not give up!

Jacqueline Burke, Author – Inspiration!

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