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Jacqueline Burke, Author – Getting Lost In A Story

Over the past year and a half, I have been writing the third novel, Star of Night, in the “In My Closet” series.  Although, I could have released this novel six months ago, I held on and got lost in the story.

I would be ready to release it, then I would add more and more, and even more.

There are times, when writing, we have an idea of where we would like a novel to end up; Star of Night took on a life of its own.  Out of the three novels in this series, Star of Night pulled me deeper and deeper to the true meaning of writing from your heart.  My heart ached with every word I typed, I cried, I laughed and I even found myself dreaming at night about these characters.

It seems, each novel I write in this series, brings me to a point of reflection in my own life.  This series has made me who I am today; a compassionate woman.

I have allowed myself to get lost in this series, and especially Star of Night, as in doing so, I found an endless amount of growth for myself.

I will be releasing Star of Night towards the end of February 2020, as now when I read this novel (trust me, I’ve read it over and over again) I am content, I am at peace, and I am thrilled with the end result – there will be fourth novel to add to the series.

Jacqueline Burke, Author – Getting Lost In A Story!




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Jacqueline Burke, Author – An Idea Comes When You Least Expect It

My passion in writing, has been a 30 year journey!  I’ve kept many journals, with ideas, stories, concepts, characters, and simply my own personal thoughts on my day.  I am grateful for writing everything down, as you never know when inspiration will hit you!

For example, last Summer, we were living in our trailer at our campsite; I found myself in a laundry facility doing our weekly loads, when there it was – inspiration!  I’m grateful I had my journal with me!  I know I received quite a few looks from other people, as I was not participating with their conversations.  Instead, I was simply sitting down, in between loads, writing in my journal.  In doing so, I escaped to a place where I could no longer hear the thumping and rattling of the overloaded washing machines, or the humming of the dryers.  The laundry facility did not exist in this time of inspiration.

My ideas come to me, when I least expect it!  I used to feel panic when an idea would hit me, as I was putting pressure on myself to remember every detail until I could get home to write it down.  Hence the reason I now keep my journals with me at all times.

I still love the feeling of pen to paper!

I have boxes and boxes filled with all my ideas and thoughts; some have been turned into lyrics for music,  ideas for novels, and what I refer to as my, “mother-load” box, are my ideas for eventually diving into writing for film/television.  The one thing that I have accomplished, is controlling the panic.  Due to having my journals and writing things down as they come, the information is now safe and locked in!  They are just aging and becoming full bodied while I type them into my laptop.  No more panic!

Grab a journal and a pen, and WRITE!  Write down your thoughts, get it out!  You never know where your inspiration will come from; harness it when it makes its appearance!

Jacqueline Burke, Author – An Idea Comes When You Least Expect It!

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Jacqueline Burke, Author – My Favorite Authors

I woke up this morning, extremely grateful for my favorite authors!  They have inspired me, awoke my creativity, and blessed me with the opportunity to escape to a World of fantasy!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Books have always given me something to look forward too; the suspense of a sequel, the unknown ending, and the need for wanting more!

Here is the list of some of my favorite Authors who have inspired me to continue on my writing journey; they have shown with leading with your heart can bring an internal gift of success!  Whether my books sold or not, these Authors showed me that you are never too old to strive to accomplish a dream!

I will forever be grateful for the following:

Joan Anderson – A Year By The Sea

Maeve Binchy – Circle of Friends

Dee Henderson – The O’Malley Series

Wally Lamb – She’s Come Undone

Ted Dekker – Three

The list of inspiration is endless; I’d like to thank the above mentioned for lighting the flame inside of me.

Jacqueline Burke, Author – My Favorite Authors!

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Jacqueline Burke, Author – I Have A Lot To Say!

I’ve always been a great listener; a quality I am proud of!  I’ve found over the years, I’ve been known for being that person to go to when someone needs to unload their thoughts without being judged.  Something I’m very proud of, but I’m also craving for my voice to be heard!  I have a lot to say!

I do not regret helping others in their time of need, and in fact I enjoy helping others.  I also want to help myself.  A reason for writing!

My mind is full of creative projects, which stem from all that I want to say and all I’ve ever wanted to say.  I pour my heart out in my writing, I solve all my problems in my writing, and I heal in my writing.  I have given myself the gift of communication in my writing and I will never regret following my dream of becoming a writer.  Writing has cleared my path to be able to express myself!

I have an endless amount of projects that will be released in the near future; some still need to age like a fine wine, but I’m comforted knowing they are still there gaining strength!

If you are struggling to be heard – WRITE!  Your heart can be heard if you do not have someone who will listen!  By writing all your thoughts down on paper, or by typing them into your laptop, you are unloading all you need to say.  Writing is an outlet to heal your mind.  There is no reason to continue to lock up all your thoughts in your mind; there is only so much storage space in there; release and feel the calming it will bring to your life.

I encourage everyone to dabble in writing your thoughts out, if anything, it is quite liberating to say all that you need to say!  Open that bottle and let it pour out!

Jacqueline Burke, Author – I Have A Lot To Say!

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Jacqueline Burke, Author – A Passion For Writing

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a creative mind.  I went through stages in my life, feeling as though I was not worthy of a writing career.  It wasn’t so much about my ability to write, it was more about intimidation.  I knew I had it in me, but was I good enough?  Yes!  It was just a matter of sorting through all my creativity and a matter of time!  Putting it all into perspective!

As we all know, things do not happen overnight!  Boy isn’t that the truth!  We may have to wait, days, months, and even years, but eventually if we stay true to our passion for writing, then it will eventually all fall into place.

This mindset is true for anything you may feel extremely passionate about; a hobby, a sport, a goal, or a career, but the reality of it all is that great things are worth waiting for.  Timing, growth, and finding peace in your passion is key!

My passion for writing has no limits; I find I can write fiction, non-fiction, music and even handbooks – I’ve harnessed it all and to be honest, by doing so has brought complete fulfillment to my life.

I want you all to know, all great passions in your life are possible with dedication.  If you do not put any pressure on yourself to accomplish your passions, then you are eliminating frustration.  Live each day with passion in your heart, focus on your passions daily (even if you are just thinking about them), and stay true to what is driving you in your heart!  You will accomplish everything you set out to do without pressure; enjoy each day just knowing you have a passion in your life.

Jacqueline Burke, Author – A Passion For Writing!


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Jacqueline Burke, Author – Writing Music

This morning, with the temperature outside being – 37 degrees, I decided to keep my warm pj’s on, bundle up on the couch, and go through my binders of writing projects I had from many years ago.

One binder, which stood out, had all my song lyrics in it – now that was a walk down memory lane.

20 years ago, I found myself working at a Radio Station as an Executive Assistant!  I will admit, it was probably the best job to harness my creativity; after all, I was surrounded by it all day long!

One day, I was having a great conversation with my boss, who I now refer to as my mentor.  We were talking about a certain presentation I was creating for his upcoming meeting, when he asked me about my own creative dreams.  What boss takes the time to ask their employee this question?  I was shocked and thrilled at the same time; he was taking interest in my creative mind.

As I began to describe my dreams with creativity, he said to me, “okay Jacqueline, you have 15 minutes.  Write as many songs as you can!  I’d love to see where your mind is at!”  At that moment, there wasn’t anything that could have happened that would have taken the smile off my face!

I wrote 8 songs in 15 minutes!  I know, hard to believe, but it happened!  It just poured out of me uncontrollably!  I will never forget the look on his face, when I ran into his office with tears in my eyes, as I presented him with these 8 songs!  Aside from the birth of my daughter, I never cried so much with Joy!  My creativity was being read, was being taken seriously, and was enjoyed!

In that split second, my mentor taught me just how important it is to get your creativity out!  Not only is it healing, but it is rejuvenating!  The light came on!  I continued writing!

Since that day, I make sure I write and write, even if it makes no sense at all; at least I’m getting all my thoughts out on paper.  A complete gift!

Here I am 20 years later, and I’ve reread all those song lyrics, and all I can hear is my mentor saying, “you have 15 minutes”.   In honor of my mentor, and in honor of the gift he gave me, I will be writing a new song.

The Title:  You Have 15 Minutes

Jacqueline Burke, Author – Writing Music!



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Jacqueline Burke, Author – We Made It Out Alive

New Fiction Novel – We Made It Out Alive

We Made It Out Alive will be available:   September 30, 2019.

We Made It Out Alive will be my fifth novel I’ve written.

I will be providing more information on this novel in the next couple of weeks; I’m very excited for the launch of this new novel, which is filled with mystery, suspense, and drama.



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Jacqueline Burke, Author – Introduction To “In My Closet”

I have many names.

I am the little girl all dressed up in her new dress; ready for her first day of Grade One.

I am the teenager struggling with the hormones raging inside of her and not understanding any of it.

I am the young woman afraid to go out into the World, knowing it is a very hard place to be in, when you are all alone.

I am the woman who found her voice in a time where women were not taken seriously, while standing true to their convictions.

I am the little girl next door, I am the teenager that gets on your last nerve, I am the woman needing all the things that do not cost money.

I am a friend, a mother, a sister, and I could even be You.

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Jacqueline Burke, Author – Divas Don’t Do Drama

Yes, there are Diva’s out there that are very hard to please; the more successful they become, the more attitude they get!  A “true” Diva in my eyes; remains humble, no matter how much success they have achieved.

A Diva Does Not Do Drama!

A Diva should pride themselves on mentoring others; not just in becoming a success in business, but in becoming a success as a human being.  A true Diva will remain humble and always remember where they came from.

A Diva, at times, gets a bad rap, but it doesn’t always have to be that way.  It is time for change!  Diva’s are not always so dramatic!

A Diva can be one of class, one who prides themselves on sharing Peace, one who cares about mentoring our youth in a positive way, and one who can be successful but yet remains humble.

Diva’s don’t always have to be associated with Drama!  Instead, they can become an Icon who makes a difference.

Even the “Diva” stereotype can be changed!



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Jacqueline Burke, Author – Writing Retreat

I believe it has something to do with living in a community which experiences long Winters, but I detect a Writing Retreat in my future.

For me a writing retreat is a place of solitude, with the option to get pampered 😊

As I pour out my heart into my writing, I feel it is important to rejuvenate during this process.  It not only relaxes my body, but it brings my mind to a place of rest and peace; this allows my creative thoughts to present themselves in calming fashion.

My lists are endless, so when I find myself excited about every creative idea, and I can’t seem to write them out fast enough to share with everyone, then I know it is time to retreat.

Not always do I go away for a retreat; sometimes I turn “me” days into retreats, and find some form of comfort and relaxation during that “me” day.

Busy brain then turns into a nice calming creative space in my mind.

I’m looking forward to my retreat; it is needed 😊💖