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Jacqueline Burke, Author – We Made It Out Alive

New Fiction Novel – We Made It Out Alive

We Made It Out Alive will be available:   September 30, 2019.

We Made It Out Alive will be my fifth novel I’ve written.

I will be providing more information on this novel in the next couple of weeks; I’m very excited for the launch of this new novel, which is filled with mystery, suspense, and drama.



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Jacqueline Burke, Author – Introduction To “In My Closet”

I have many names.

I am the little girl all dressed up in her new dress; ready for her first day of Grade One.

I am the teenager struggling with the hormones raging inside of her and not understanding any of it.

I am the young woman afraid to go out into the World, knowing it is a very hard place to be in, when you are all alone.

I am the woman who found her voice in a time where women were not taken seriously, while standing true to their convictions.

I am the little girl next door, I am the teenager that gets on your last nerve, I am the woman needing all the things that do not cost money.

I am a friend, a mother, a sister, and I could even be You.

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Jacqueline Burke, Author – Divas Don’t Do Drama

Yes, there are Diva’s out there that are very hard to please; the more successful they become, the more attitude they get!  A “true” Diva in my eyes; remains humble, no matter how much success they have achieved.

A Diva Does Not Do Drama!

A Diva should pride themselves on mentoring others; not just in becoming a success in business, but in becoming a success as a human being.  A true Diva will remain humble and always remember where they came from.

A Diva, at times, gets a bad rap, but it doesn’t always have to be that way.  It is time for change!  Diva’s are not always so dramatic!

A Diva can be one of class, one who prides themselves on sharing Peace, one who cares about mentoring our youth in a positive way, and one who can be successful but yet remains humble.

Diva’s don’t always have to be associated with Drama!  Instead, they can become an Icon who makes a difference.

Even the “Diva” stereotype can be changed!



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Jacqueline Burke, Author – Writing Retreat

I believe it has something to do with living in a community which experiences long Winters, but I detect a Writing Retreat in my future.

For me a writing retreat is a place of solitude, with the option to get pampered 😊

As I pour out my heart into my writing, I feel it is important to rejuvenate during this process.  It not only relaxes my body, but it brings my mind to a place of rest and peace; this allows my creative thoughts to present themselves in calming fashion.

My lists are endless, so when I find myself excited about every creative idea, and I can’t seem to write them out fast enough to share with everyone, then I know it is time to retreat.

Not always do I go away for a retreat; sometimes I turn “me” days into retreats, and find some form of comfort and relaxation during that “me” day.

Busy brain then turns into a nice calming creative space in my mind.

I’m looking forward to my retreat; it is needed 😊💖


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Jacqueline Burke, Author – In My Closet Book Series

The In My Closet Book Series, focuses on the life of Sophia;  her challenges, her fears, and how she overcame the effects of emotional abuse.

The third and final book, “Star of Night”, will be released this year (2019).

I’m very proud of this book series, as even though it falls under, “fictional drama”, this series was written in hopes to help those who find they are living a similar life to Sophia and may need support in knowing they are not alone.

Through writing may we find comfort!

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Jacqueline Burke Author – The Lucky Seven Update

Here is a little update:

This weekend, I will be diving into my new mystery and suspense book series:

The Lucky Seven

There are seven (7) books in The Lucky Seven book series; here are the titles to look for in 2019:

  • Serenity Stone
  • Alexis Devlin
  • Piper Penn
  • Lexi Monroe
  • Skye Blue
  • Ivory Lace
  • Harlee Hutton

I’m excited to be able to bring this series to you!  I appreciate all the support; my heart is filled with gratitude!