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Jacqueline Burke, Author – How It All Started!

When I think back to when I first became interested in writing, it all focused around listening to music. This is really, how it all started!

I also did an extreme amount of reading; books, magazines, short stories, and even jewel case covers of CD’s. I would read, pretty much, anything! As I read, there was always music playing in the background. Some days I would have the radio on or a CD playing, but other times, I would just hear a tune in my head. I would start humming!

Music made me do it!

I found I was at complete peace when I was reading, writing, and doing it all with music playing. Music made it easier for me to visualize. Music helped me to get into a certain mood when writing fiction, but especially when I wrote The Good Vibes Only Roadshow and Love Grandma (recipe book series).

I spent many years in jobs that truly, “just weren’t for me”, but I had to work and support my family. I did what I needed to do at the time. There came a time, while working these jobs, I just couldn’t do it anymore. I needed to be me! In finding me, I played a lot of music and wrote in one journal after another.

Here I am! Music made me do it!

I feel very fortunate to have been able to find myself with music, with reading, and with writing.

I am content with who I am and with who I will continue to be in the future. I am not made of money, but instead I am made out of creativity and peace. To me, that is more valuable!

Jacqueline Burke, Author – How It All Started!

Photo Credit: Haley Powers

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Jacqueline Burke, Author – Love Grandma Recipe Book Series

I am happy to announce, along with Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle, we have released the first recipe book in the Love Grandma series. A Collection of Baking Recipes with Summer’s Cozy Corner.

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